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Rick and Chris get together to chat bobbleheads (surprise surprise), All-Star games and the trade deadline! A podcast in back to back weeks! HUZZAH!

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Longtime baseball and Padres writer Dustin Palmateer joins Chris for some in-depth Padres chat. They discuss whether the Padres are meeting their goals for the 2017 season, what the trade deadline might bring regarding Padre reliever Brad Hand, the Padres signings during the recent July 2 international signing deadline, and more.

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Padres and Pints: the Podcast! goes on location to Iron Fist Brewing in Barrio Logan to chat with the wonderful Tabitha Lipkin!

Rick and Chris discuss her unique work history, her time with Fox Sports San Diego, sliding into her DM's, breakfast tacos and so much more!

Cesar Torres from Iron Fist also joins us for a little bit!

(Outro music is Helena by My Chemical Romance)

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Episode 36

Padres and Pints: the Podcast! semi triumphantly returns with old friend Jonah Keri. Rick and Chris get down to business chatting about the Wil Myers extension, the state of the Padres farm system, plus the snoozefest that is the 2017 Padres promotional lineup.

Jonah joins to discuss the history of Tim Raines Hall of Fame candidacy plus Trevor Hoffman's chances to get in next year. Jonah also spits an amazing rant about owner Dean Spanos' "work" building a stadium to save the San Diego Chargers. 

Also, shout out to podcast honorary family member Megan Olivi for her appearance in this week's episode of Always Sunny!

(Outro music is Lipstick by Not My Weekend)

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Chris, joined by new semi-official guest host Eno Sarris meets up with Hilary Cocalis and Nicole Ganz of Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits at the Home Run Derby at Petco Park. They chat all things Ballast Point including their expansions in Long Beach and Virginia, the team's involvement with the Padres, and Tony Gwynn. 

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Eno Sarris joins Padres and Pints: the Podcast! to reminisce about the time Chris felt Eno's hair. They also chat about Eno's Book, "A Craft Beer Lover’s Guide to Baseball" with suggestions from local craft beer and baseball nerds for their home cities all across the country, including San Diego nerds Rick and Chris.

They also discuss Eno's Favorite San Diego Brews, and some Padres chat including whether the team should or will trade Wil Myers, why Andrew Cashner didn't seem to pan out as some expected, Eno's suggestion for better handling of the James Shields trade, Matt Kemp, and insight from Eno's insider discussions with Padres players and baseball personnel.

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Mabelynn Capeluj, San Diego Padres fan and Miss California USA 2013 and AJ Cassavell, Padres beat writer for join Padres and Pints at Green Flash Brewing for Part 2 of Episode 33. 

Mabelynn, Rick, and Chris chat about Mabelynn growing up in San Diego and how she became a Padres fan. She shares her top skill from her softball playing days, her Spring Training routine, her favorite drinking game, and her love for hot dogs.

AJ discusses the Padres roster situation on opening day, how he became the Padres beat writer, his history in San Diego, and his thoughts on modern baseball analytics. Unfortunately AJ's interview was cut short due to technical difficulties, so we'll be sure to chat more with AJ as the season progresses. 

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Long-time Padres broadcaster Mark Grant joins Padres and Pints for Part 1 of this episode recorded live at Green Flash Brewery during their Back the Brown growler release party. 

Mark, Rick, and Chris meander around Padres, Baseball, and Patsy Cline references. They chat brown uniforms, batter/pitcher celebrations, and Grant's experiences, philosophies, and dance routines as a broadcaster. Also discussed are videos of Mark Grant exhausting himself dancing to Jump Around, and Nolan Ryan mocking Brad Lesley

Coming soon: Part 2 with Mabelynn Capeluj and AJ Cassavell!

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Chris joins guest Randy Gyorko for episode 32, brother of former Padre and current St. Louis Cardinals infielder Jedd Gyorko.

Randy shares his thoughts as a close family member of a major leaguer, as Jedd is drafted by the Padres and rises through the farm system. Randy also shares his feelings about learning Jedd was traded to the Cardinals, plus has a great story about hassling Chase Headley at a game in Pittsburgh, and his story of becoming a Padres fan from West Virginia.

Later, Rick of Padres and Pints: the Podcast! makes an appearance.

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Rick and Chris catch up on all sorts of Padres topics in Episode 31, covering Matt Kemp's cycle, Jedd Gyorko playing shortstop, the Padres' manager sitch, and plans for 2016. Catch the fever!

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